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Challenge: Zero Carbon Electric Power for Gold Hill

What is your current main source of electric power?
Which source of renewable electric power are you committing to switching to?
To sign up for Wind Source, Net Metering, or renewable energy through Arcadia, go to the link below in another browser window, and then come back and click done.
Are you willing to help your neighbors switch to renewable electric power?

If you're not sure what plan you are currently on, check your bill, or create an online account and click on "my programs" or follow the link above.

Xcel provides 100% carbon-free wind energy to Wind Source customers. This wind energy is above and beyond the amount of renewable energy Xcel is required to produce by law, so Wind Source customers are increasing the amount of renewable energy Xcel provides.

Another great option for grid-tied customers, including renters!

Xcel has two programs for residential solar customers. In the "net metering" program, the homeowner keeps the Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) they generate, and thus is able to claim the energy they use is carbon-free. In the "solar rewards" program, Xcel buys the RECs and uses them to meet their legally required percentage of renewables in their standard mix. For this challenge, you must switch to "net metering" to be counted towards our town goal of 100% renewable/carbon free electricity generation.

Note: The information you provide will only be shared with project volunteers to use in helping us get to our goal of 100% renewable power for Gold Hill. Data will only be published in anonymous, aggregate form for purposes of accountability and publicity. We will not disclose any of the individual information you provide to anyone else. By giving your contact information, you consent to project volunteers contacting you to provide information about the status of the project and resources you may choose to use to help us reach our goal.

Thanks for submitting!