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Climate Action Maps were developed by Dr. Cat Russell (they/them) in 2002. Cat first used a climate action map to reduce their own family's carbon footprint, and in the years since has shared this simple but powerful tool with their high school climatology students, friends, activists, and other people making lifestyle changes through Action Map trainings.

Cat loves the cool climate of the Colorado foothills where they live, and their connection with the wildlife, trees, and outdoor activities there inspires them to go to a zero carbon lifestyle as quickly as possible, and to enable others to do so as well.

ClimateActionMaps.org is the next step in sharing Climate Action Maps with individuals, families, organizations, and governments as humanity organizes to meet the climate crisis with quick and effective action. 


We train people to use Climate Action Maps to reduce their carbon footprints.

Climate Action Maps are very simple to describe and easy to create. They enable individuals, families, organizations, and governments to organize the steps they intend to implement into one inspiring visual. Climate Action Maps.org offers training in person via workshops and Climate Action Map Parties and online. Once you've attended a Climate Action Map training, you are empowered to share this tool with your family, friends, and organizations.