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Climate Action Map Training

Climate Action Map Trainings form the core of the work of Climate Action Trainings take place in the context of environmental meetings, community groups, parties, science classes -- really, anywhere people concerned about the climate crisis gather. Climate Action Map Trainings will also be available online in the future. Once you have attended a training and created a Climate Action Map of your own, you are empowered to share this free tool with others!

Outline of a Climate Action Map Training

Basically, a training has these parts, divided into "Head, Heart, and Hands" (For knowledgeable audiences, the "head" portion may be abbreviated or omitted.)


1. Tailored 10-15 minute presentation on the climate crisis, including science of climate change and impacts

2. Overview of most effective actions, also tailored to the setting


3. Share the emotions that the presentation evoked, popcorn-style.

4. Connect with why each participant wants to take action: could be a heart connection to the planet as a whole, their grandchildren, a wild species or place, etc. I ask people to add pictures to a power point in advance, if they have RSVP'ed, or just bring pictures to show and tell on laptops or tablets, if not. This image goes in the center of the Climate Action Map.


4. Create a draft Climate Action Map, working individually, in family groups, or as an organization. This involves selecting up to 7 areas for action steps (for example, transportation, electricity, food,...) and listing action steps in each area, then adding them to the map. We can also start from an existing Climate Action Plan for an organization. Depending on time, we can just get started. Once people have a draft map they can finish it later.

5. Step into the map... envision the life you've mapped for yourself and commit to taking steps toward creating it.

Example abbreviated presentation:

Livestream video of a 15-minute climate action training presentation at the September, 2019 Global Climate Strike teach-in hosted by 350 Colorado. Cat's presentation is between 1:30 and 1:47 in this video of the event.

Here's the climate action map training in the form of a lesson plan.

Cost of a Live Climate Action Map Training

Cat asks no fee for presenting a climate action map training beyond reimbursement for expenses, nor do they draw a salary from Climate Action Maps. Hosts are responsible for the cost of the venue, food, art supplies and/or AV equipment, and invitation of the participants. Climate Action Maps does accept donations up to the cost of maintaining the website, mailing list, and other nominal expenses.

Schedule a Climate Action Map Training Using the Form Below!
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