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Browse options including buying an EV, working from home, biking, and riding public transportation. Your best solution depends on your household's needs and where you live!

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are now available with the same capabilities as ICE vehicles, and in many cases save money over the lifetime of the vehicle, especially if you are able to charge your vehicle at home.

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Public Transportation

If you live in an urban area with good public transportation options, commuting via the train can be a great low-carbon emission choice.

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Bicycle commuting is a great option if you can choose to work near home (or live near work). E-bikes take the pain out of hill-climbing and make commuting by bicycle more accessible.


Working from Home

One enduring legacy of the COVID pandemic was that many employers discovered that their office workers could be just as efficient working from home. Companies save money on office space, and employees are spared the expense, time, and stress of commuting. The carbon emissions avoided is a great bonus!


Air travel

Air travel is one of the most challenging types of transportation to replace with low-carbon options. Consider attending business meetings online instead of in person, and vacationing via a road trip in your EV rather than flying.

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