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Don't let your bank undermine your activism by funding fossil fuel projects! Here are some ideas for choosing climate-friendly banking and investment options.


Check out your local credit union as an option for your checking and savings accounts, home and auto loans. They usually do not fund fossil fuel projects and may even specialize in renewable energy loans!

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It makes financial sense to invest in the companies that will do well in the future economy. Look for an investment advisor who specializes in selecting great companies in renewable energy, electric vehicles, and other sectors that will profit during the transition to a regenerative economy.

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Electrification of Heat and Cooking

If you own your home, electrify your heat by swapping your fossil-fuel-burning furnace for an energy-efficient heat pump. Renters can turn off the gas and use electric space-heaters. Electrify your cooking by exchanging your gas stove for an electric one. Efficient electric cooking appliances like instant pots, microwave ovens, and induction hot plates can serve as a transitional solution that renters can also employ.

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