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Electrification and Efficiency

Browse actions you can take to power your home with renewable energy, electrify your heat and cooking, and more.

Renewable Energy

If you own your home, adding solar PV will now save you money on your electric bill from day one, so there's no reason to wait. For renters, most utilities offer an option to support shifting the utility mix to more wind and solar. The transition of the electrical grid to 100% renewable energy will require widespread installation of residential solar. 

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Downsizing to a smaller home and super-insulating it are both excellent first steps to reducing energy needs, and saving money. Households in the rest of the developed world occupy much smaller houses than do residents of the US, on average. A smaller home can also facilitate more social interaction between family members. In addition to moving to a smaller, more efficient home, solutions renters can also use include insulating window coverings, seasonal clothing, and energy-saving thermostat settings.

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Electrification of Heat and Cooking

If you own your home, electrify your heat by swapping your fossil-fuel-burning furnace for an energy-efficient heat pump. Renters can turn off the gas and use electric space-heaters. Electrify your cooking by exchanging your gas stove for an electric one. Efficient electric cooking appliances like instant pots, microwave ovens, and induction hot plates can serve as a transitional solution that renters can also employ.

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