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Charge the car while shopping

Updated: May 13, 2023

Driving a plug-in car with a short electric-only range and avoiding using gasoline is becoming more and more convenient. Not only can we charge our car at home (and at work, on the rare occasions when we go to the office), but public charging stations are everywhere -- at shopping centers, public offices, in parking garages, and at parks -- and many of them are free. Charging our car is generally more convenient, much cheaper, and more pleasant than stopping for gasoline would be.

Since our PHEV doesn't have quite the range to get us to town and back again on EV only, we've taken to parking at the car charger while shopping.

Each of the grocery stores we prefer has a car charger a block away. One of us stays with the cart while the other walks to the car and brings it back, if we've bought more than it's comfortable to carry.

When we are downtown eating out, we park at the charging station in the parking garage and get a full battery for much less than the waiter's tip.

We also charge our car while we are at the farmer's market. We think of the electric car charging station as our own VIP parking space. Often, parking at the car charger is closer than the nearest non-charger parking for the farmer's market, and the charge is free.

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