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The #1 Most Effective Climate Action

Updated: May 16, 2023

The most effective climate action is the one you are willing to do! Just having good intentions and talking about taking climate action does not distinguish you from someone who doesn't understand the urgency of the crisis. Creating a Climate Action Map to organize all your preferred individual actions will help you be more effective in putting your actions where your mouth is.

Each person reading this article has different resources, context, and lifestyle preferences. So your Climate Action Map will include a unique set of climate actions. Browse the articles, get some ideas, research others on the internet, talk with other members of your household, and choose what you can and will do to join the movement that is making the shift to a climate-friendly economy.

Then share what you are doing with your friends and neighbors. Some of them may not share your enthusiasm for individual action, but others will be inspired to create their own Climate Action Map and help create the new regenerative economy from the ground up!

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