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The #1 Most Effective Climate Action

One of the many things I learned at the Climate Reality Leader training I attended this past weekend is that the number one single action we can take to reduce climate change is change refrigerants (see the analysis at for more details). The "HFC" refrigerants that replaced the old "CFC's" are potent greenhouse gases, and people don't tend to capture them effectively at the end of life of a refrigerator or air conditioner. Hydrocarbon refrigerants developed by GreenPeace in the 1990s are coming online that have zero global warming potential AND don't damage the ozone. The new refrigerators using "R-600a" are also more efficient (=save you money long term and take less space). Refrigerators and air conditioners using hydrocarbon refrigerants are in wide use abroad and have become available for commercial and residential applications in the US in the past couple of years. When your fridge or AC breaks, it is also important to be sure the HFC refrigerant is captured before trashing the unit.…/climate-friendly-fridges-are-truly-coo……/epa-approves-three-a…/…/true-refrigeration-unveils-new-hc-r……/gea-support-search-cont……/samsung-earns-energy-star-emerg…/

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